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#401 Sun, Apr18 2021 8:25pm

Gildor Inglorion
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Re: Mithril and the Fellowships Chronology

Chronology up to date, I included forthcoming numbers not yet released  : MZ681, MZ691 MZ697

this is odd that Mithril is releasing brand new suggestions and not older ones. (The mouth of Sauron unmounted and new spider of Mirkwood) All in all, the schedule is quite good at the moment, they are not sooo late.
For Milo : I have corrected a big bug in the admin edit page which were adding every "year" since 2018 to ...2018 even if you were choosing 2019 or 2020 in edition. I  thus re edited every release since then to correct the year, I have added 1985,1986 (For Prince August releases) and 2023,2024 year for edition)

We are approaching MZ700 I wonder what figurine will be made for that event.

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