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#26 Wed, Mar1 2017 5:19pm

From: Girona
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Re: The community of the ring.

Turambar wrote:

That looks quiet ambitious! The shading is fine also the choice of colours. And the photographs as well! Very well done Master Artsignasi.
As a sidenote:
The last time I posted pictures inside this "section" I was been tought that this was the wrong way . . .
I recognized many times that fellows do post pictures here furtheron and I was a sort of "confused"everytime.
So it is Master Gildor´s turn to bring some clearness into this topic.

I looked in the forum and this section I seemed the more appropriated, but if the administrator want change the post an other place I don't problem whit that.

about the shading and colours .. I have tendency with a the obscure tones and I take advantage of the shadows for to equilibred the final apariences .
Thank you all again, I'm glad you like it.



#27 Thu, Mar2 2017 1:37pm

The Attic Warden
From: Toulouse, France
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Re: The community of the ring.

I think Master Turambar is thinking of the "Mithril gallery" button.

On my side, I like very much "The Art Gallery of Master Samwise" for it is very usefull to exchange about Artworks in Progress.

Mithril Gallery is a add-on which shows everyone's artworks, once achieved. I feel it is more usefull for watching many artworks with mithrils at a time. wink

Last edited by Milo (Thu, Mar2 2017 7:12pm)

Milo Gamgee-Took of Bywater
"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us."



#28 Fri, Mar3 2017 4:08pm

From: Barcelona, Catalonia
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Re: The community of the ring.

I think exactly like Milo, should we act in a different way because of server issues or lack of space, please let us know @Gildor.

Mae govannen mellon nín.



#29 Sat, Mar18 2017 8:20am

From: France
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Re: The community of the ring.

I also agree: here we can exchange opinions on a project in progress, have advice, while in the Mithril gallery, there's no more exchanges, we just present our achievements ...



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