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#676 Sun, Mar25 2018 10:41pm

Brave Sam the gardener
From: Republic of Croatia
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Re: The Travelling Elrond

It seems Elrond could go on a very interesting journey in July.... In some situations in Jamaica, everything can look like Rivendel... cool

.... Farewell to Middle-earth at last. I see the Star above my mast!



#677 Thu, Apr19 2018 5:41pm

From: Barcelona, Spain
Registered: Thu, Mar6 2008
Posts: 386

Re: The Travelling Elrond

Is Elrond traveling already or is it still frozen solid afraid of the spring snowbreak?

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Mae govannen mellon nín.



#678 Thu, Apr19 2018 6:02pm

The Man in the Dark
From: Minneapolis, MN USA
Registered: Tue, Jan29 2008
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Re: The Travelling Elrond

Elrond is tarrying in the company of Master Mindx2. I have been eagerly awaiting his arrival. Supposedly he was set to depart some time ago, but as we all know, Elrond is not "Hasty." :-)

"All that is gold does not glitter, not all those that wander are lost." (Strider, The Fellowship of the Ring)



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