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#1 Mon, Jun3 2019 12:36am

Skilled Artisan
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I've been very remiss.....

…….. dear patrons of the Pony, I celebrated a 'Farthing-stone' birthday on Saturday, but I guess too many rat's -tails in the scrumpy caused me to forget to place a bag of coiny-things on the bar and invite you all to share a tipple wink. Better late than never I guess lol

One of the gifts received was 'Middle-Earth Journeys into Myth and Legend' by Donato Giancola. This book is full of the artists work which ranges from sketches to classical style paintings, with some excellent studies of Gandalf. Not all images fit my interpretation (one of Boromir in full-plate armour', but nonetheless a book I will return to many times for inspiration. One of my favourite paintings within is of Tolkien himself at his desk which includes a lot of small details that link to his works, very cleverly done.

p.s. it is quite heavy



#2 Mon, Jun3 2019 1:18pm

From: Barcelona, Catalonia
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Re: I've been very remiss.....

Happy belated birthday David!

I lucky to own a copy of that book too. I saw it was going to be published on donato's instagram profile some months ago, and so I was aware of it and bought it on the book day (23 april) as a present for myself. xP

Donato's art is full of details, just as Tolkien's descriptions of things.

Indeed it is quite heavy and quite big also! I think the publisher is Dark Horse comics for those of you interested. wink

Mae govannen mellon nín.



#3 Sat, Jun22 2019 7:51pm

The Man in the Dark
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Re: I've been very remiss.....

Well David, Happy belated Birthday. I have downed a Guinness in your honor. I will never forgot our drink-fest in London!

"All that is gold does not glitter, not all those that wander are lost." (Strider, The Fellowship of the Ring)



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