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#1 Wed, Nov23 2016 11:03pm

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Hope for missing Fellowship minis?

Just having a scroll through the GF range and I happened to notice this.......

MS607 Lord of the Rings 'Dunhere, Captain of Rohan' Fellowship Figure.

(Code: MS607)
21.00 €($ 22.17)

Discontinued Product

Available in 5 days

He was the Lord of Harrowdale and the nephew of Erkenbrand. He survived the battle at the Fords of Isen, but fell in the battle of Pelennor Fields, to the great grief of Westfold.

...... don't know if this available in 5 Days is recent, but I haven't noticed it on any others, and what is a discontinued product (with an availability notice) compared to an out of stock product (these appear to have no notice of availability!).

Is this just part of Mithril's keep 'em guessing campaign.

I have the figure in question, but newer members may want to clarify with the Company if this is due for re-casting. I wonder how many, and why other sold out figures appear to remain sold out.



#2 Thu, Nov24 2016 9:47am

The Attic Warden
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Re: Hope for missing Fellowship minis?

Again, the company shows low professionnal stock management. No matter the way they write it, it is the same to me (remember MS532)

"Out of Stock", "Discontinued", "Available in 5 days", "Out of Production" =  The miniature cannot be bought anymore ...until they decide to recast some (remember XMAS 1993)

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#3 Thu, Nov24 2016 4:00pm

Brave Sam the gardener
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Re: Hope for missing Fellowship minis?

the same thing was happened with Theoden Xmas figure... they have found few pieces in dusty corner... :-/

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#4 Thu, Nov24 2016 5:58pm

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Re: Hope for missing Fellowship minis?

I just can confirm this, Thingol. - Though I cannot judge upon that revival of the "XMAS 1993", as Milo called it. As I have an original one I didn't care about that "new release". I ordered the figure yesterday, just to find out about the subreference that was given. At least I can tell that the original Isildur Christmas figure 54mm was not given in antique-finish.
... and yes, I will not comment on the re-discovery of Theoden, the X-Mess.



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