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#1 Mon, Aug19 2019 1:40pm

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Cardolanian Ragger

Hi everybody

Also the Cardolanian Ragger is released. However, looking at the pictures on the website I have the impression the real figure is rather poor in comparison with the digital design. Do you feel the same way or is it me expecting too much ?

The pose is also rather disappointing to me. I imagined a figure that was more in action, or at least standing ready for action. But the final figure is just standing there, looking bored. I can't imagine an exciting company with only figures standing like this one. What do you think ?



#2 Mon, Aug19 2019 2:15pm

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Re: Cardolanian Ragger

Not a figure I'm excited about. hmm

Where there is a will there is a way, just as there are no problems, only solutions! Guess it depends on ones own perspective of the matter at that time big_smile



#3 Tue, Oct15 2019 4:18pm

From: Norden
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Re: Cardolanian Ragger

I rather like him. Making a company with a single base was never an option, and I assume that standing around bored is far closer to a soldiers real life experience then action or ready for action. My main concern is the tip of his pike or spear, which looks - well, unrealistic. Its not a favourite, but I would give him 4 of 5 points.



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