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#76 Sun, Jan29 2017 11:11pm

Archer of Mirkwood
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Re: Painting tutorials, tips, tricks...

FoI simply get a sharp knife and have no problems at all . . .

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Maybe the magic was the most powerful force in the world. But that was long ago.
The dragons are gone, the giants are dead and the children of the woods are forgotten.



#77 Sun, Jan29 2017 11:40pm

Wisest of Ents
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Re: Painting tutorials, tips, tricks...

Well, I do understand you very well Master Mindx2, as I tried to cope with that some years ago, when the figures were released. Anyway I always liked the idea of having those nine Nazgûls as figures. I think they're very difficult to be painted. That idea of separating parts of the figures (those cloaks with two parts) was great, as it gives a better 3-dimensional to the final figure. In those days I also liked the new shape of the bases better than the odd ones we still have to face.



#78 Wed, Feb1 2017 4:36pm

From: Barcelona, Catalonia
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Re: Painting tutorials, tips, tricks...

I agree with master ent. Some LR references were nicer just because of that freshness of positions, but they were generally more fragile and a little bit more complicated to put together.
The type of packaging was a bit of a PITA to open, but the advantage of having thinner swords, staffs and bows was a nice reward.

Mae govannen mellon nín.



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