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The Visi

The Visi M75

From Far Harad (ICE 3800)

The warriors of the land are not organized into a standing army. Instead, they are scattered across the land as the private armies of the desert clans, tied to Junast's Guard in Tresti or incorporated into the small elite guard of the central government,
the Visi. Though in normal times only the men of the Visi are under the direct command of the central government, all are
nominally bound by allegiance to the Council of Regents. Thus, in times of crisis, when military force greater than can be provided by the Visi is needed, the state can call up a rough kind of popular militia. Such a system is well- suited to the independent spirit of the Haradwaith.

A force of lightly armed guards stays in the Dar to the handle day to day maintenance of law and order. Though they are able to see to most of the needs of civil enforcement, this band is not considered to be much of a military force.

Under the command of one of the seven Regent-Councilors, the Visi act as enforcers of the edicts of the council. Their name
translates as "superior" and is considered to be an accurate description. They are drawn from the best of hundreds of applicants from across the land, who come to the Dar for the annual levies.

Prospective soldiers are drilled and tested mercilessly for up to a week, after which the initiates are chosen. They are a proud and highly-spirited corp, known for fanatical devotion to their leaders and their land. Even the feuds for which the Haradrim are famous are forgotten between soldiers of this brotherhood.

At the top of the chain of command stands the Regent-councilor who resides in the House of Warcraft. His role varies in duties
depending upon the man's actual skill as a leader, but typically, non-military councilors defer to the professional officers in most matters. The next highest rank is the first officer, who is in general command. Beneath him are five staff officers, each of whom controls ten band leaders. These band leaders divide between them the roughly six hundred private soldiers who make up the guard.

The logistical support of the men is the responsibility of the councilor at their head with his civilian staff, and is undertaken at
the expense of the city treasury.

Author: Charles Crutchfield



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