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#1 Thu, Jul3 2014 11:32am

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MIthril and Liz Danthord art

Good sunny afternoon

I start to list all mithril production linked to Liz Danthorth Art in MERP and MECCG.
I really love her drawing as well as the artist and person behind.

Each month I propose one of her drawing and when the Figure comes to live, I sent her a copy as a token of thanks.

All contribution welcome ....

Thorondir on throne, 22nd Ruling Steward of Gondor.

108th suggestion : June 2014

Princess Merien of Dol Amroth

107th suggestion : May 2014

To be produced in 10-12 months :-))

Bandoras Took

102nd suggestion : December 2013

MS 601 -  Queen Mirien of Minas Ithil

LR11 - The Witch King

LR 12 - Akhorahil

I still have some double about the Mithril inspiration of LR 12.

LR 13 - Adunaphel

LR 15 - Dwar of Waw

Unrelease - Dwar of Waw

LR 16 - Hoarmurath of Dir

LR 17 - Indur Dawndeath

LR18 - Ren the Unclean

LR 19 - Uvatha the horseman

To be continued ...

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Elen silla lumenn omentilmo



#2 Thu, Jul3 2014 11:58am

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Re: MIthril and Liz Danthord art

very nice. Thanks for this highlight. smile

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