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#1 Sun, Apr5 2020 3:33pm

Skilled Artisan
From: Canada
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Question: Anyone tried 3d scanning miniatures?

I am told that the hardcore 3d printer hobbyists have a smart phone app that lets you scan things.

And while I don't love 3d printed miniatures, or resin cast miniatures, I do wish I could have cheaper copies of the old Fantasy series in plastic I could abuse without some vague sense of guilt about damaging collector's items smile

Has anyone tried this? Scanned and 3d printed expendable copies of old miniatures?



#2 Mon, Apr6 2020 7:24am

Master Caster
From: Australia
Registered: Tue, Jan29 2008
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Re: Question: Anyone tried 3d scanning miniatures?

That sounds very interesting. I must have a look into this 3d printing buisness...

Where there is a will there is a way, just as there are no problems, only solutions! Guess it depends on ones own perspective of the matter at that time big_smile



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