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#1 Fri, Dec30 2016 4:12pm

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Priming and assembling

Over my Christmas vacation I have been priming and assembling many of the vignettes I acquired from the Mithril Winter sale. The Mithril Grey that was recommended to me here works perfectly and makes each set look like it was primed at the workshop! I have been thoroughly enjoying myself as priming and assembling these wonderful sets is so very relaxing. I must say I actually like the grey look as it reminds me of old black & white movies. I'm still not going to try painting anytime soon as I do know my limitations. My wife has offered to try as she thinks it would be fun and a way for us to "share" the experience. We would start with one of the very inexpensive ones first! wink

I haven't taken any pictures yet but I will soon as Traveling Master Elrond is now visiting me!



#2 Fri, Dec30 2016 7:33pm

Brave Sam the gardener
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Re: Priming and assembling

You are always welcome to show us pictures of your collection dear friend... all the best !

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#3 Fri, Dec30 2016 9:40pm

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Re: Priming and assembling

Great idea to "share" the experience! Don't go for the "inexpensive ones"! Take the one you two are really attracted to, because the result will be greater! In case you really don't like the result, you can strip the figure back and start again. I don't think that will happen, because teamwork always works out well!wink Been there done that. Not with painting, but converting figures. My wife is my best critic!cool

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#4 Wed, Jan11 2017 5:17pm

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Re: Priming and assembling

Lovely idea! It can be a really nice experience for both of you!

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