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#726 Tue, Apr30 2019 7:28pm

Master Caster
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Re: The Travelling Elrond

Oh Master Tom....
would you like to sit down for a while?

Where there is a will there is a way, just as there are no problems, only solutions! Guess it depends on ones own perspective of the matter at that time big_smile



#727 Thu, May2 2019 1:59pm

The Attic Warden
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Re: The Travelling Elrond

Never had the chance to host Master Elrond. Well elven timescale is not the same...

Milo Gamgee-Took of Bywater
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#728 Fri, May3 2019 12:32pm

From: A Corunna - Spain
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Re: The Travelling Elrond

this will be the first time for me too... As I have said before, It will be an absolute pleasure to get it from the hands of Master Milo. Without his incredible help, I could never have completed my collection (obviously not complete, but at least, the non-imposible ones - only short of non-produced warbands and things like that). Thanks again, man!

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